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Cincinnati Entertainment Museum is here to celebrate the history and achievements in the entertainment arts here in the Cincinnati area. Our Mission is to educate, preserve, interpret and make available artifacts and materials, which document the aesthetic, technological, social, and political history of the entertainment industry. Through a unique blend of education and culture, the Museum creates educational opportunities as well as career advice for those, in and around the city of Cincinnati, interested in the entertainment industry.

  • To acquire and to conserve artifacts and objects representing the entertainment arts and the history of Cincinnati.
  • To create Museum-quality exhibits that educate and entertain.
  • To establish a research center, educational programs and curriculum materials for the public, students and scholars.
  • To offer interactive displays that allow visitors to explore entertainment industry technologies.
  • To revitalize and to restore Cincinnati as an important international cultural resource and economic force in the United States.

2003-2008 CEMHOF Cincinnati Entertainment Museum and Hall of Fame